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A Loan Modification May Help You Avoid Foreclosure

Your home is likely the most important financial investment you and your family have made. The sheer thought of losing it in foreclosure is something that you certainly do not want to think about or even consider. However, that is exactly what can happen if you are significantly behind on your mortgage payments. By working with our St. Petersburg loan modification lawyers at Boss Law, we can help save your home. We have years of experience helping homeowners. With a full team of loan modification lawyers at your service, we are uniquely poised to help you defend against foreclosure.

The good news is, if you live in the St. Petersburg or Tampa Florida areas, there are programs available to stop foreclosure and save your home. For homeowners who are seriously behind on their mortgage, a Florida loan modification may be the only reasonable solution to avoid foreclosure. A loan modification is a change in the terms of your existing loan to make your payments more affordable.

Loan modifications are:

  • A permanent change (the rate and payment will remain the same throughout the remainder of the loan unless the loan is refinanced again)
  • A way of essentially starting over with a cleaner slate

Need to stop foreclosure? Call us today to request a free modification consultation.

The Pitfalls of Modifying Your Loan without Legal Guidance

Going through the modification process without legal representation can be a complete nightmare. In theory, many banks and lending institutions stand to make a larger profit on the foreclosure and resale of your home than on the modification. Therefore, homeowners seeking a modification find the process to be extremely frustrating because paperwork will conveniently go missing or the bank will require the same information to be submitted multiple times. In most cases, the homeowner simply gives up. On the other hand, some lending institutions are so bogged down with modification requests, they cannot keep up.

In either case, the process can take an eternity, and you are left to deal with the fear and anxiety of the possibility of still losing your home. If you do manage to get through the modification process, oftentimes the terms that the bank or lender have given to you are not so good. However, you are now stuck with them and will not be able to change them for quite some time, if ever.

How Boss Law Can Help You Protect Your Home

We have years of experience in the loan modification field and are versed in all areas of Florida foreclosure law. Our experienced Florida loan modification law firm can take the anxiety and uncertainty of the loan modification process away and avoid foreclosure for your home. We know how to expedite the procedures for the modification and to get definitive answers from the bank. We also know that it does no good to get a modification if the new terms are as bad as the old terms. We will work hard to get a payment that is affordable with the smallest rate and term available to save your home and protect it for the future. Our debt relief lawyers are also available to help you address any other financial concerns you may have and explore solutions tailored to your needs, inclduing short sales.

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