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Boss Law has successfully represented hundreds of homeowners who were facing foreclosure. The goal of every foreclosure attorney at our firm is to help each and every prospective client, finding any way possible to save their home. We have helped numerous clients avoid foreclosure completely and helped others avoid judgements after a foreclosure. In addition, we can even delay a foreclosure, allowing you additional time to either sell or vacate the home. Boss Law is here to help, so don’t wait to give us a call.

Your home isn’t just a financial investment – it’s an emotional investment and something you cherish. Trust the St. Petersburg foreclosure defense attorneys at Boss Law to protect it, just like you would.

Call us at (727) 800-4498 to get started.

About Foreclosure in the State of Florida

Foreclosure begins after a borrower defaults on his or her mortgage terms. Most mortgage lenders will begin the foreclosure process 90 to 120 days after the last mortgage payment was made. While mortgage lenders may try to work with you, ultimately, the foreclosure process will begin. At this point, the first step is to contact a qualified foreclosure defense attorney for advice. Upon service of a foreclosure, the Florida statutes provide 20 days for the defendant to respond to the foreclosure, and provide a defense.

What happens if I don’t respond to the foreclosure?

  • If you do not respond to the foreclosure complaint within 20 days, the court may enter a default against you in favor of the mortgage company. The foreclosure action will continue and will result in the court ordering the sale of your home to satisfy the outstanding debt.

What happens if I respond to the foreclosure?

  • If the complaint is answered by all parties, the court will set a hearing. After the hearing, a final judgement is entered by the court. The judge may rule in favor of the lender. If that happens, the judge can order the sale of your home within 20-35 days.

When you face foreclosure, you may have options. These options, including deed in lieu of foreclosure and loan modifications, will depend on the unique facts and circumstances of your case. Our foreclosure defense lawyers have experience representing numerous homeowners in need throughout the Tampa area and the state of Florida. Let us help you explore your available avenues to better financial health.

Foreclosure Sales: What Happens Next

At a foreclosure sale, the property will be up for sale to the highest bidder. The bidder will then receive the title to the property 10 days after the sale is finished. If someone is living in the property at the time, they may be evicted after 10 days. In this window of time, the defendant can contest the sale, but only if they can prove that there were irregularities in the auction process, which resulted in the property to be sold far below its value. The foreclosure process can be complicated and heart-wrenching.


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