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Debt Relief

Debt is a very personal and very stressful issue that the majority of Americans are currently facing. Many times debt is caused by difficult times in a person’s life — illness, divorce, and losing a job.

Debt can be overwhelming and can make people feel helpless and anxious. Many people are often embarrassed by the thought bankruptcy. There is no reason for shame or embarrassment! Bankruptcy is designed to relieve these stresses and allow a “fresh start.”

Believe it or not, bankruptcy is overall helpful for society and helps the economy! It allows people to rejuvenate, restart, and “get back in the game.”

Bankruptcy often has the misconception that it is a very public matter — that other people will “find out” that a person filed for bankruptcy. The opposite is actually true — bankruptcy is often discreet and is buried in federal court records.

When dealing with debt there are many options — debt settlement, debt consolidation, CH 7, CH 11 and CH 13. All of which are unique and different approaches to debt.

Each person’s situation is also unique. It is very important to slow down and figure out which is the best option for that individual — Bankruptcy is NOT a “one size fits all” situation!

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

At Boss Law, we believe that each client deserves the time and attention so that our lawyers can learn about our client’s unique needs and create the best plan of attack for that client.

Our consultations are always free and we promise that you will ALWAYS meet with an attorney.

If you or a loved one are struggling with debt — please call our office today.

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