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How To Fix Credit Report Errors After Your Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and credit reporting mix together like water and gasoline. The credit reporting process is fully automated. On the other hand, bankruptcy is a unique legal process that either eliminates or modifies your debt. The result? 75% of people that have successfully completed bankruptcy have significant credit errors on their credit reports. 

Why Does That Happen?

Typically, your creditor or the credit bureau did not change its automated reporting to reflect the bankruptcy. This automated error can continue up to 5 years after the bankruptcy!! 

Your Credit Report After Bankruptcy

First, pull your free credit reports from You can elect to have the credit reports mailed to you or you can download as a pdf. Once you receive the credit reports, review them to verify that every debt discharged in bankruptcy is noted as “Discharged in Bankruptcy” and has a “Balance Due” of $0.00. Also verify that late payments and charge offs have ceased reporting as well.  

Other Common Mistakes To Look For Include

  • If your spouse DID NOT file bankruptcy, make sure bankruptcy is not appearing on their report;
  • Accounts reported as “Charged-Off” after discharge;
  • Repeated “hard-pull” credit inquiries after discharge;
  • Good, “reaffirmed” accounts are NOT reporting positive payments; and
  • Formerly secured creditors – cars, etc. are not reporting the repossessed debt.
    • For example, if you voluntarily surrendered your car to the lender, when your bankruptcy is done and discharged, you do NOT owe all the remaining “unsecured debt.”

What Next?

If you identify credit errors on your report, please contact Boss Law immediately. We will help you with the dispute process – at NO CHARGE to you. 

After that, it’s very simple — If the credit bureaus do not fix the errors – we may sue them to both delete the errors and recover monetary damages owed to you.

We take these cases on contingency – which means that we do not get paid UNLESS we get you paid! 

Get Your Credit Report Fixed!

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